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What is metabolism?
Metabolism is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the energy our bodies need to function. Metabolism is typically measured in kilocalories or, more commonly, calories. Total metabolic rate represents the calories needed for maintaining body functions, daily activity (occupational and lifestyle), and the energy cost of exercise or planned activity.

What is RMR?
Resting metabolic rate (RMR) represents the calories the body burns to maintain vital body functions (heart rate, brain function, breathing). In simple terms, it is the number of calories a person would burn if they were awake, but at rest all day. RMR can represent up to 75% of a person’s total metabolism if they are inactive or lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Why is it necessary to measure RMR?
Since RMR accounts for up to 75% of the total calories we need each day, it’s a critical piece of information to appropriately establish daily calorie needs, whether we’re trying to lose or maintain weight. Most healthcare and fitness professionals recognize that metabolism is impacted by a variety of characteristics such as fever, illness, high fitness, obesity, active weight loss, etc. When managing a client of patient’s nutritional needs and calorie requirements, knowledge of RMR is critically important. Traditionally, healthcare professionals, who have not had access to measurement technology, have relied on estimates of RMR. Because metabolism is different among individuals, estimated can lead to errors, and inaccurate calorie budgets. As a result of these estimates, individuals can be both over or under eating, and not be successful in reaching their personal goals. As technology advances, professionals must reassess their practices. The most accurate assessment of caloric needs is by measuring oxygen consumption and determining individual metabolism. The BodyGem® and MedGem® devices by Microlife are tools that will provide information vital for determining a personalized calorie budget, based on individual metabolism, necessary to achieve and maintain proper weight and nutrition. Additionally, the BodyGem and MedGem devices play a significant role in providing an individual’s daily caloric needs to improve individual care through nutrition assessment.

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